Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ornament Wreath

Well I am very excited to show my latest craft! It is an ornament wreath! 

Supplies you will need:

  • Foam Wreath- 12-14 inch
  • Ornaments- in a variety of sizes (I used approx 36 small and 50 medium and large) you may need more or less of each depending on size of wreath and how full you want the wreath to look
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbon

1. Started with my foam wreath and wrapped it with ribbon, to give it a more polished off look in case you can see through the ornaments to the wreath.

2. Next I spaced out some of my large and medium sized ornaments in 
the center to figure out how many I would need. I then hot glued the ornaments to the wreath, at first I started taking off the "hanger" pieces on each ornament and then realized there was no point if it was the actual ball I was gluing to the wreath. (I think the point of taking them off is so that the ornament ball will not fall off if only attached by the hook) 

3. I then started placing the ornaments around the outside border of the wreath spacing them evenly. After I just started filling in the rest of the wreath with ornaments spacing out the larger ones and filling in the gaps with my smaller ornaments.

*Know that not all of the ornaments are going to be glued directly to the wreath, some of the ornaments are just glued to the other ornaments around it. 

*I would recommend spacing things out if you only have a certain amount of ornaments so that you don't have all small ornaments in one area and large in another. 

*Let your creativity do the work, go with what you think looks good!

The finished project! 

With some of my left over ornaments I just put them in this vase to add a little more color to my room, and another decoration instantaneously :) 


Bekah said...

very cute!! I'm not crafty but I think I could pull this off. Thanks for sharing. I also like the ornament in a vase idea. love it!

CHAR said...

Cute Sami! Thanks for the idea! I want to try it