Friday, November 30, 2012


September 29 we welcomed this bundle of joy into our family... 
He was my 25th birthday present and I love him!

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Home!!

I cannot believe that I have not said anything yet, but Regan and I are the proud owners of a brand new townhome! We started looking back in February and decided to build... so May 30 we closed and then moved in over the next weekend!

The story of our buying adventure:
I originally was able to talk Regan into looking because by the time he is done with school (at least 5 more years) so we can buy our forever home we have already paid almost $20,000 in rent and will have paid at LEAST $50,000 more dollars in rent before we got to this point... soooo I explained how I think we should put our money towards something we own and hopefully gain some equity.

He was willing to look, we went into this thinking we would buy a single family home but were very discouraged at what we saw in our price point, houses that were not livable and said that they were sold "as is" this scared me more than you know thinking about a big money pit. We want to put the money towards a mortgage NOT fixing all the problems with the house. I am fine with cosmetic stuff, in fact I welcomed it, with all the HGTV that I watch... but these were things that needed immediate fixing. So we decided to increase our budget and look again, and this time include townhomes.
Well we found a home that we really liked in West Valley, in fact I thought that this could be it! The weird thing was the house (single family) had and HOA fee... weird. Later that day we were down in the Herriman/Riverton area and we saw a few townhomes, and then these brand new construction townhomes that were HUGE inside. This was such a relief to think we could have something brand new that would definitely NOT be a money pit.

We were left with two really great options and so we weighed the pro's and con's of each, and basically here is what we had.

The house and townhome:
were the EXACT same price
Both had an HOA that was the Same price

The house was 1800 square feet
The townhome was 2300 square feet

The house was 20 years old
The townhome was brand new with a 2 year warranty

The house better commute to work but not the area I want to raise kids
The townhome... LONG commute but I LOVE THE AREA

We may move away for Regan to go to Physical Therapy School... which will be the easiest to rent if he doesn't go to the U, something brand new or one that may need a lot of maintenance in the next few years like a new roof???

Well we both felt really good about moving to Herriman and going forward buying the townhome. Next was the decision to build or to buy one that was just recently built... we were in no hurry so we decided to pick out our finishes and build and we couldn't be more happy that we did! Here are a few pictures of the house before we moved in....

This is the view out our back windows, it is beautiful and we can see the whole valley!

This was during construction, the veiw out the front windows are equally as beautiful!

This is our kitchen before we got all moved in!