Friday, September 17, 2010

I got married!!! ... i'm Mrs. Bushnell

Sami & Regan at the Salt Lake Temple from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

I have not updated this thing in FOREVER! I need to put some of my favorite pics together, but for now... here is the video from the Temple after Regan and I got married :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring Break

Well over spring break I went with Regan’s family on a cruise down the Mexican Riviera, it was exactly what I needed, school has been so busy and I needed time to stop thinking about nursing and just spend time with Regan doing absolutely nothing!... well obviously something but we had no where to be and nothing due at a certain time. We could relax and sit by the pool and it didn’t matter how long J

Just got on the ship

All ready for dinner with the family

The first port was Puerto Vallarta we did the most amazing excursion. We took a speed boat to this small village got on these huge jeeps and went to the top of the mountain where there was a base camp. We then rode burrows to the top of the VERY top of the mountain, mine was named “batman” after that we were able to zip line down through the jungle lots of times, we also got to rappel down a few waterfalls into water, it was such an amazing experience!

Getting ready for the zip line and rappeling

In Mazatlan we headed for the beach and we rented boogie boards and had so much fun playing out in the waves, this was my first experience with them and I think they are so much fun, I just wish I lived near an ocean.Regan also went parasailing.

Our day on the beach... we got fried :)

In Cabo, we rented snorkel gear and went out by lands end and then to lovers/divorce beach. The water was rough so in order to snorkel we also had to get life jackets. Regan saw a parrot fish… lucky guy. But it was really fun!

Out by Lands End, I think the arch looks like a dragon taking a drink of water

A few fun things we got to see were Whales and Dolphins while we were on our cruise ship, we would watch for them and they would come up and breach, it was fun because the whales are going up to Alaska now so we were able to see them. I also saw a sea turtle in Puerto Vallarta which was amazing!

Following the cruise we stayed two extra days and we went to Disneyland and Knotts berry Farm, I loved California Adventure because not as many people were there, and I love the roller coaster, Tower of Terror, and the Toy Story in 4D… brings out the competitor in me.

Regan and I about to see "Its tough to be a bug"


I got to be with Regan all day for 9 days

I rappelled down waterfalls in the jungle

Playing in the ocean

My tan

Doing Nothing

I graduate in less than a month and I pray I do okay on my boards, I have been hired on to the Infant Unit at Primary Children’s where I currently work now as a tech. So starting May 2nd I will be working as a registered nurse! I think my life will be changing quite a bit in the next few months and I can’t wait!


Update on my life since last post is about Regan getting home…..

So its official, Regan asked me to marry him so I am super excited to announce we are ENGAGED! We are getting married on June 24th in the Salt Lake Temple and having a small reception at Tuscany that evening. I don’t think it can come soon enough. What is better than marrying your best friend?

Engagement Story:

Regan asked me on February 17, he came over and we read through some of the letters we had written each other while he was on his mission, it was amazing the order in which we read the letters. I didn’t write mushy letters since he was on a mission but there was one letter I wrote him of a conversation I had with a friend about how I just “knew” Regan was the one for me. So I read that to him and pretty much told him lots of reasons why I am completely in love with him. After he read one to me he had written after my Grandpa passed away, it talked about eternal families and one day going to the temple together and how hard one day it will be to be separated by death for that short time. In the letter it said, “I guess now is a good a time as any to ask you this..” well Regan took the opportunity and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him J

Gorgeous Ring

This was our Happy Engagement celebration at Tuscany