Sunday, November 27, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The other day I was talking to Regan about how I wanted to FOR SURE decorate our porch this year with Christmas lights, so I asked him to assess our situation so we could hang lights... and he went above and beyond! I came home from work on Wednesday to a completely decorated front porch! I added a picture and just know that he gets ALL the credit for this one :) 

So after Thanksgiving we had a few hours and we started decorating the rest of our house, can I just say that it is so fun to decorate our own little home exactly the way we want to!

So I also wanted to post a few pictures to show off our decorations!  I LOVE our staircase it makes me so happy and our house looks so fun illuminated with the Christmas decor! 

We decorated our Christmas tree and added our new ornament for 2011,  we have a tradition of getting a new ornament each year with something to tell about the past year, so I decided to put up last years as well so that I can show off our large collection :) 

For our first Christmas I think it is a little self explanatory, we got married that was a HUGE deal!

This years ornament is of a stone sea turtle, in May Regan and I went to the Caribbean. We spent 10 days there, we started in Puerto Rico and then sailed to different islands for one week. One of the highlights was while snorkeling and getting to see the many fish and even sea turtles! 

I am so happy with how we have decorated so far, and thanks to Pinterest I'm looking forward to making some different crafts to decorate our home and get ready for Christmas! I love the holiday season and I am excited to share it with friends and family!

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Taylor Family said...

Cute blog Sami! I love your story of you and your husband. I met my husband in 8th grade and we dated all through high school and college. I think it's pretty special when you can stay together through all the stupid high school drama and hormones! You two are a cute couple!