Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brian Regan

Mama and I waiting for the show to start... isn't she cute??

So last night my family and I went down to the Brian Regan show at thanksgiving point, oh my gosh that man is HILARIOUS!!! It was fun to sit out on the lawn on a nice summer night with my family.. we got there like two hours early and I never realized how long it was because we were having so much fun hanging out! I guess I just wanted people to know that if you want a true comedian that is good and clean he is the way to go!!! He had me almost in tears at times and that is saying something!!  He has a bunch of stuff on youtube, if you haven't heard of him check him out!

Lake Powell

At Rainbow Bridge
We had an afternoon storm almost everyday.. pretty cool 
The three amiga's  wakeboarding
This was our night time bath ritual everynight!!

So I just got home from Lake Powell and it was sooo much fun, I have to admit I didn't really want to come home! I went with my cousin Heather's family and stayed on thier houseboat for a week and played around in the water... during the week we hiked "hole in the rock" it was an area where 27 mormon wagons and handcarts went down to get to the colorado river to ferry across it... so we hike up and it had a cool area to sign to prove you have been there... I know I went when I was a little girl but it was fun to do the hike again! We also went to Rainbow Bridge which is  like an arch but they call it a bridge because the water flows under it... The indians down there call it a rainbow because I guess you shouldn't go under it because then it will disapear (like a rainbow) well thats what they believe...ish I guess :) All it all it was a super fun trip I absolutely fell in love with Wake boarding.. I have kind of been new to it in the last little while and found it intimidating... because I would just face plant but now I love it, I learned to go in and out of the wake on this trip and now I'm all about learning to jump the wake... oh man it was so fun!!!