Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grandpa Roger

This past week my grandpa past away at the age of 69, which personally is just too young!! This is a picture from Andy's wedding just last year... love him!
These are some fun pics we found of me and grandpa when I was a little tike growing up
Hehe the hair is the best!!!
A few years ago at Christmas
Andy Grandpa and I... I was brand new!!

This last week has been pretty hard but I just wanted to take a sec and say that I really love my grandpa and Im so happy  I was able to spend the time with him i did, I'm so glad he got to live with us for a few years while I grew up!!  Love you grandpa!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Speeding Ticket

So my drivers license has now been missing for about a week, as of last Thursday I have not been able to find it, therefore I just figure it is lost, well I turn 21 in about three weeks so I figured, I haven't received a ticket in five years, why not stick it out one more month and get your adult license... you see you cannot get your adult license until AFTER you turn 21 if you try and renew early they will send you a minors license.... so needless to say tonight I was driving up to the University of Utah institute and I get pulled over... figures.... So there is no way to give a warning with no license and apparently you have to have a CURRENT insurance card, he didn't even look it up but he wrote me up for it... so now I have to go down to the salt lake city court and show them proof of it all, and I only get 14 days or they will suspend my license so good news for me I will be a week short of getting an adult license! AHHHH Oh but he tries to be nice, Um you were going eleven over but i will only write you up for five over.... YEAH RIGHT he still tells how fast you were going!!! anyways to be honest I am not bitter about it at all!! In fact the whole time the cop was back in his car I was just laughing... the chances of this happening.. its like I needed to knock on wood and I forgot,  so yeah I just think it is funny... yeah I have a bunch of stuff I  will need to do to correct it but I think its funny.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So this is me, with the Sea of Red behind me!!! Looks SWEET doesn't it!
This is the Thrid Row crew... Paul, Rob and I 
Just my view.. its pretty sweet! (oh my friend Kelsey is the Water girl there in the middle) 
Half time- there is no where to sit so Rob just plopped down on me, and I realize his friend Kenny is wearing a BLUE shirt... what the world! you can't do that in the U stadium!

So yesterday was Utah's first home football game and it was sooooo much fun! For the first time in three years I actually have good seats! (3rd Row in the MUSS) I am sitting with my friend Rob from school- he has been pretty much my best school friend since my freshman year anatomy class and Institute class, we became study partners and now he just can't get rid of me. So anyways it was a lot of fun, jumping and screaming.. I barely have a voice today! We have a group of dumb drunk guys right above us though that start a mosh pit when we get a touch down.. one kid got a bloody nose all over, so the only time it gets a little scary is when we score! haha oh well I can deal with that! The Utes won 42-21 against UNLV hopefully there will be many more fun games ahead! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life can be CrAzy!!!

Afton with her two brothers outside the temple

Landon and Sammy
Best Friends :) 
Ring Ceremony for Afton and Terry 

Jack Johnson Concert with Aubrey, Chelsey and my cousin Heather Pie
Zoo with my cousins Emma and Randy 
The girls at Afton's Bridal Shower
Bachelorette Party!!!

At the temple waiting for Afton to come out

Okay so I have about one million other things I "should" be doing right now but sadly I am not and I want to post a ton of pictures because I have had a blast the last few weeks before school started! 

Jack Johnson- ... ended up being a really fun night, jack was fun... I just had fun with my cousin Heather playing with the camera... :)

Zoo- Okay so you want to have fun and go back to your childhood days... go to the zoo! I took my two cousins Randy and Emma with my buddy Randy... it was super fun, I thought we would just have a fun day and let the kids see some animals... but then the people at the zoo are thinking these kids are mine.. I am 20!!! these kids are like 3 and 6 almost! thats just a stretch I guess :) we had fun though...

 Afton... she got married.. so in the process we had bridal showers bachelorette parties and the best part was her pretty wedding!!! it was so fun during this time to catch up with friends from high school!!! Afton is now married to Terry Brown who is such a great match for her.. they are in Cancun where I'm pretty sure I should be :) 

Raging Waters- my best friend Sammy (Poulsen) Hallows and her husband came up for Afton's wedding from there cute retreat in Cedar City.. in between the temple and the ring ceremony/reception we decided to hit up raging waters... SOOOO fun! I don't think I could ever get sick of it... and being labor day weekend it was the last warm day. I left to go camping after and they were predicting snow in the mountains... so talk about an end to summer :(

Nursing School- Wow now when they say it is hard they were not joking! I honestly am so overwhelmed it is ridiculous! Im pretty sure my life is over and ever spare moment I have should be spent studying! I have a test in about 30 hours that I don't feel ready for at all because I am getting the material for the first time today but hey thats what I gotta do... i have a test every other week and 2-3 assignments or papers and 2 discussion groups every week! I swear its like every teacher thinks this is my only class and gives me enough in there one class for the entire program... oh it feels good to vent. Im just a little over whelmed

Truth- This is the best time in my life to be doing a nursing program... Regan is my huge distraction and he will be gone for three of my semesters so I can concentrate, then he will come home and if it is right hopefully when I become a nurse I will also be getting a cute guy by my side as well ... hehe 

Just keep the goal in mind and you can accomplish anything!