Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Home!

Well the time has finally come! Regan is home again! Lets just say that was the best Christmas present I could have asked for! He got home around 11:45pm on the 23rd and didn't get released til the next day at 4:00pm so it was weird being around him and knowing he still had all of the mission rules of like being an arms length away and things like that, so lets just say after his release everything has been FANTASTIC! The last few days it is weird because I have spent so much time with him yet when I go home at night or I am alone, I almost don't believe he is really home because he has been gone so long! I am going to enjoy every second with him this week before I start my nursing capstone and go full force til April when I graduate. But I will have one fantastic week in March when I get to go on a Mexican Cruise with his family for spring break! I am so excited! I have a few pictures from the last few days :)