Friday, April 22, 2011

Update on life...

So the other night I was at work and one of my friends said I should start blogging again, I was thinking about it, and for some reason I only had felt like putting things when big events happened in my life... fun vacations, becoming a nurse, getting married... but really everyday life is great too!

I am coming up on ten months of being married, and I love it! I couldn't ask for a better person to see everyday, talk to about everything and spend time having fun with. We are living in a cute little townhome in Taylorsville we rent for an amazing price and absolutely love! We also have great neighbors, we occasionally do FHE together and it has been good to get to know everyone a little better. Regan is currently working with the Young Men, and I am teaching the 11 year olds in Primary... I also get to be the Young Womens basketball coach and a Counselor at Girls Camp (which I must admit I am very excited about) I loved everything about Young Womens growing up... probably a lot because my mom was always so excited about it, and served in the young women for about 20 years!

Tomorrow is my one year mark from graduation from nursing school... now that is just CRAZY! I am still working at Primary Childrens for the Infant Unit, I couldn't ask for better people to work with and such sweet little ones to help take care of! Regan is working at University Credit Union as a teller with some of his friends which I think makes things fun, he coaches the West Jordan Lacrosse team, and goes to school at SLCC (add in Young Mens... he is one busy boy) Regan is leaning towards occupational therapy, and should be transffering up to the U or Westminster by next spring... Just in time to play lacrosse, I think coaching has been hard on him and he wants to play again... so Westminster of U of U... I guess only time will tell!

Hmm I couldn't leave out two of the most amazing additions to our family in this last year, Mr. Corver Cook and Miss Paisley Bushnell they both made their debuts into our family in November last year, are 8 days apart and it makes for lots of fun at any family event! I know I work with babies but it is so much more fun now to see theses two grow and the changes from week to week with there personalities.... Paisley currently loves sticking things in her mouth her whole fist or any toys we stick in her hand, and apparently hates bath time, she loves to listen to her dad play the guitar, and has quite the variety of leg warmers. Corver would jump all day long if you let him... litterally. He enjoys watching Kenny Chesney music videos, sitting up in his bumbo getting kisses from Bella, and my favorite... he gets babysat by Mama Cook a few times a week while Alex heads off to work which means I can see him more often than just Sundays :)
Mr. Corver

Miss Paisley

In the near future...
- We are excited for school to be finishing up for the semester so we can spend a little more time together.
- We are going on a cruise out of Puerto Rico in TWO WEEKS! just the two of us I am SOO excited!
-Summer! Camping, doing things outside, boating, baseball games, KENNY CHESNEY concert.. and my seven peaks season pass!

So I should be all caught up now, NOW hopefully I won't just tell about the big things but everyday things too :)