Saturday, November 19, 2011

... Back to School

Well it looks like I am heading back to school! I got my acceptance letter this week. I currently am working as a Registered Nurse and received an associates degree in nursing from Weber State a year and a half ago.... but I want to finish it with a bachelors ;)

So as many have asked... Will you get a pay increase? Sadly the answer is No, an RN is a RN those who finish with an associates and those who finish with a bachelors all take the same boards to receive their license so as it works out there is no pay increase because they are just paying for the degree. BUT with the fact that there is no longer a shortage in nursing a bachelors is preferred when applying for jobs, and this way I could always go into management... (doubt I'll do that) I have considered going on to get my Masters, but I'm not sure yet and at least I will be a step closer if I decide I want to.

So Regan is working towards physical therapy, he won't be able to apply to PT schools for about a year and a half, but with that being said... who knows where we could end up! So another reason for getting my bachelors.

It will be 3 Semesters, I start Jan. 2... I am doing an accelerated program so this first semester I have 5 classes! Regan and I will both be doing full time work with full time school... I'm a little scared we won't see each other... AHHHH!

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