Monday, September 7, 2009

107 LONG days ahead

So as most people know I have a few countdowns going right now, between graduation (228 days) and Regan coming home. Regan heads home on Christmas Eve... only 107 days away! I am super excited and I hope for time to just fly by! A few weeks ago Regan could barely hold back telling me that he was going to become an assistant to the president, he was super excited but told me it could mean that he wouldn't be able to write as often because of how busy the AP's always are. I totally understood and have just been plain old excited for him. Well, with this new calling he also said he didn't know when he would email, but with my online classes I figured I would probably catch him here or there when he was on... well it has been two weeks now and with no letters or emails I have been getting kind of sad, but at the same time... I know he is busy and we are on a countdown here.. only three and a half months. I have still been faithful writing him letters every week, although writing to him with no response gets a little hard to come up with things to write about. Well, I got a phone call from Regans mom today as I was driving home from camping. I guess with Regans new mission president came the rule to only write family on email, not "to be family." Regan wanted his mom to check up on me and make sure I was okay since he has been unable to write me a letter yet as an AP and now not being able to email... no communication has been coming my way. He told her he is just trying to make the most of these last three or four months and put his full heart to the Lord. I never question how much Regan loves me because I know I mean the world to him, It is just hard to go from a letter and an email every week to pretty much nothing... I have 107 days and who knows when he will be able to write me, or when I will hear from him, all I know is that hearing from him has made things so much more special because I feel like I have shared in his mission experiences, and it doesn't make him feel 2000 miles away. I feel like these next few months could feel really LONG but I am just praying they fly by, and I can see my boy :)