Monday, June 29, 2009


So I don't know why but lately I am hearing WAY to much about people getting divorced. Just today I found out about two different people I went to high school with that are getting divorced.  I see some people getting married to people that they constantly fight with and  go into thier wedding day upset with the person, to me if you are fighting that much before marriage and even on the wedding day... there is a problem and maybe this person isn't the right person for you. Or I had one girl say that if her ex would have asked her to marry him even while she was dating her fiance... she would have married the ex...... AHH come on people! I know nobody goes into a marriage thinking "oh I want to get a divorce in a few years"  but I guess it all just scares me.  I don't know I am extremely excited for the day when I can get married, and I know that people say marriage is not easy but I hope to one day make the most of it. Sometimes I think that living in Utah we rush getting married... everyone is so young so by the time you are 23 and not married you are old!! I just want to tell people to back off, lets let people meet one another and really get to know one another before jumping right into a marriage and telling people, "oh its okay, you will find someone." Recently someone I know who I would say is extremely marriage hungry, met a guy who is also and within two weeks of knowing each other they were talking about getting married... and even two months into the relationship I question if they really know the other person.  

Regan comes home in six months, and do I think I will marry him?? yes I do! But here is the thing, I am not just going to run off to the temple and get married. We have been apart for a year and a half and even though we have written each other letters and emails every week and stayed close, we still need to see what it is like when we are together again. Have our lives come together or has the time spread them apart? I still to this day am head over heels in love with that boy and I feel like letters and time has brought us closer, but when it comes to getting married.. I think that it is important to fast and pray about it, I want to KNOW I am marrying the right person and have absolutely NO DOUBTS in my head whatsoever. I want to work at my marriage, keep the love alive, go on dates, and do everything I can to make him the happiest guy ever and have him do the same in return. I do not mean for this blog to offend anyone who may have had a divorce, I know every situtation is different and that BOTH people have to work towards the marriage... that is just what scares me... because you never know what can happen.... just try for the best!